Return of the King

Regain Your Liberty

Let us explore.  All of your information is logged and could be used to destroy you in near infinite ways at any time if you don’t agree with the powers that be.    They can shade it and control perceptions in such ways that it is darn near impossible to evade.  Through the bombardment of technology they are pulsing into your noodle whether you want it or not.

As you eat your genetically altered food, perhaps muse upon the question of whether ingesting concoctions not found in nature could possibly have an effect upon you.  When you drink the fluoridated water that also contains traces of countless medications from your fellow humans, think to yourself if it makes sense dancing in the sunshine as the chemtrails rain down.

Wait!  What’s that?  Oh nothing….it’s just a drone.  Have we already become so accustomed to it?  What can we do?  At least not believe.  A person over there is not as valuable as a person over here?  What logic is there to it?  De-escalation begins when one takes their finger off the trigger.  Trust is not dependent upon the other person.  It is a quality of your character.

It must be dealt with as a whole.  Remembering yourself outside of the body/mind/emotion complex is the way.  Neutral observation; like the mirror.  Realize that your 5 senses are processing information within certain parameters, but there is much more.  It is laughable to think people promote that the being is in the brain.  The brain processes the being.  It is a conduit.

Develop your intuition.  It easily sidesteps the madness.  There is no doubt about what is bullshit and what is sincere.  Have your own proactive agenda and then there is no room for anyone else to fill the space.  Keep your wits about you and watch what is going on.  Don’t let others make you feel weak.  Be strong in your heart and be of good faith.  In this manner you can never go wrong and God will always be with you.



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