Bullhitter – DART GAME


Object of Game: To score as many points as possible using a set of 12 darts in 10 rounds of throws.

Rules: (2-8) Players take turns throwing 12 darts at a time. Each player must use the same collection of darts. Darts must be in the board and not off the board or suspended by other darts. A player’s turn is over when all darts are in the board. Points are tallied and recorded after each turn. Points may be either negative or positive and will be added or deducted from the previous total. The game is over when 10 rounds have been completed.  (The number of darts and rounds can be adjusted.)


1. Bullhitters: Each bull’s eye scores +1. (Double bull is +2)

2. Safe Bonus: +3 Bonus is scored if all 12 darts are within the perimeter of the triplet ring. (Including the triplet ring itself.)

3. Triplet Bonus: An additional bonus of +1 is scored if three darts are within the triplet ring itself. Another +1 is scored for each subsequent triplet.

4. Penalty: A penalty of -1 is assessed for every dart between the outer perimeters of the triplet and duplet rings. (+3 Bonus is forfeited for a single round if a penalty is assessed.)

5. Duplet Penalty: An additional penalty of -1 is assessed if two darts are within the duplet ring itself. Another -1 is assessed for each subsequent duplet.

6. Foul: Darts outside of the duplet scoring region are considered “fouls.” Each foul is -2 points.


Summary of points as follows:

Bullhitters +1 each

Safe Bonus +3 (all darts safe)

Triplet Bonus +1

Penalty -1 each

Duplet Penalty -1

Foul -2 each


Sample scoring chart: (after round 3)

Alex Kathy Chris

   -3         0        +6

  +1        -2        +7

  +6       +5          0



Any darts that fall before turn is over must be thrown again.

A variety of darts can make the game more challenging.

© 2000 by Chris Moors/Alex Rivera