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December 13, 2020  IEvolveTV: Metaphysics of History, Creativity, & Soul

How History can heighten your Awareness, the process of Incarnation, & Soul retrieval.

December 6, 2020 IEvolveTV:  Pearly Gates Press, Meditation, & Dreams

A Look at the Book Pearly Gates Press, Making room for the soul, Meditation “Practice”, Dreams as Oracle, & Creating Your Space.

November 29, 2020 Exploring the Creative Cosmos on IEvolveTV with Shannon Smith

Deep discussion on facilitating Creativity, Inspiration, Mindfulness, giving voice to your Feelings, and the Wisdom of Dreams.

Exploring the Creative Cosmos on iEvolve TV, 11/29/2020


Deep discussion on facilitating creativity, inspiration, mindfulness, giving voice to your feelings, and the wisdom of dreams.


October 24, 2016  Chris Moors on Cosmic Gnostic Radio Podcast 4
Staying Centered During Chaotic Times w/ Creative Cosmos in the Celtic Season


Chris & Ronnie

February 1, 2015: Angels & Demons, Gods and Goddesses

January 25, 2015: Our Connection to the Spirit World

January 18, 2015: The Gift of Creativity

January 11, 2015: Inner Journey through a Modern World

January 4, 2015:  Shadows & Dreams

December 7, 2014: Spiritual Awakening


Creative Cosmos Radio Returns! – the Zen Shaman speaks 10/5/2013

Chris comes back to the internet radio airways and tells the tale of where he has been and where he is going.  A fascinating history of the CC radio show, brings us to the present.  Some beautiful songs enhance the moment.  We shall see what today and tomorrow brings…


10-30-2010: Christopher Moors on As You Wish Talk Radio Show

Chris appeared on the ‘As You Wish Talk Radio Show’ with James Gilliland from ECETI for a special Samhain themed walk/talk into the mystical realms.  They discussed dreams, entities on the other side, and the shamanic work of soul retrieval.

4-25-10:  Christopher Moors on Cosmic Gnostic Podcast

“This show we have special guest Christopher Moors. He’s a writer, artist, musician, and is the mind behind Creative Cosmos. Come join us on discussions on some deep thoughts on coping with Matrix reality and being-in-the-now through techniques that may be found useful in this time of speeding up chaos. Slowing down, meditation, raising the heart chakra, seeing reality as it truly is, mystical experiences, and much much more is discussed and packed into this great show!”

3-15-10:  Christopher Moors Returns On Occult of Personality Podcast

“We begin the interview discussing the student teacher paradigm and how it manifests in terms on one’s conscious unfoldment process.   The inherent value in learning from one who is already accomplished is clear.  Chris then talks about learning to discern by intuition and awareness.  Then we explore distractions on the path and the value of a practice, especially meditation.  Chris talks about practical ways to deal with the stress and how he puts larger issues of politics, history, and economics in perspective. He explains different degrees of awareness, the information age, and the evolution of a collective consciousness.” 

2009:  On Hiatus


12-21-08, Creative Cosmos Radio – Winter Solstice THE LOST TAPES


9-21-08, “The Zen Eye of the Hurricane” – Christopher Moors on Red Ice Creations: PART 12345

8-30-08Creative Cosmos Radio – Russia vs the Third and Fourth Reich

5-28-08, “Exploration of the Inner Realms” – Christopher Moors on Occult of Personality Podcast

4-13-08, Creative Cosmos Radio – Dance Among the Stars

2-24-08, Christopher Moors on Red Ice Creations Radio – The Key to the Kingdom

2-10-08, “Journey to the East” – Christopher Moors on Occult of Personality Podcast

1-28-08, Creative Cosmos Radio Playing Now:  I Choose to Hope


Christopher Moors on Occult of Personality Podcast

11-7-2007, “On the Spiritual Path”

Creative Cosmos Internet Radio

8-31-07, Peace, our Song,  and the Sun

7-26-07, Ghosts, ESP, and the Astral Plane

5-17-07, Free Mind Sunshine – Getting past conditioning to reveal your inner nature. 

4-19-2007, Greetings from Earth

Christopher Moors on Red Ice Creations Radio

3/01/07, Past Lives and Previous Civilizations

Christopher Moors and Shab on Red Ice Creations Radio

2/01/07, “Qabala and Spiritual Teachings”

2/01/07, “Qabala and Spiritual Teachings” Part 2

1/04/07, Will the Uproar beat the crackdown?

1/04/07, Will the Uproar beat the crackdown? Part 2


Christopher Moors on Red Ice Creations Radio

12/07/06, Zen and the Soul

11/02/06, Cosmic Jugular, Part 1

11/02/06, Cosmic Jugular, Part 2

5/11/06, Interview on Red Ice Radio

Christopher Moors on BBS Radio Now Remastered!!!

July 14, 2006: Interview with Henrik Palmgren of Red Ice Creations

July 12, 2006 – Meditation, Dreams, and Symbols

July 10, 2006 – Crossroads of Perception

July 7, 2006 – Interview with Rajeesh Singh

July 3, 2006 – The Mystery of History

June 30, 2006 – Angels Among Us

June 23, 2006 – Universal Truth

June 16, 2006 – California Dreamin

June 9, 2006 – Meeting Destiny, Hour 2 with Jerry E. Smith

June 2, 2006:  Soul Healing, Hour 2 with Guest Anita Eubank

May 26, 2006:  The Tao of Golf and New Horizons

May 19, 2006:  Silence and Sound, Hour 2 with Charlie Bommarito

May 12, 2006:  Cosmic Crisis

May 5, 2006:  Secrets of the Galaxy; Demystifying Channeling

April 28, 2006:  The Road Unknown; Interview with Jason Faas

April 21, 2006:  Gurus, Gurus, Gurus

April 14, 2006:  Head, Heart, Harmony, and Happiness – Hour 2 with Don Newsom

April 7, 2006:  Hands of Alchemy – Artist Jerry Wennstrom & Music of Marilyn Strong

March 31, 2006:  Body, Earth, Sun, and the Christos – Hour 2 with Ron Sirchie

March 24, 2006:  Animals, Angels, and Auras – Interview with Barb Powell

March 17, 2006:  Awakening – Absurdity and Extremes

March 10, 2006:  Interview with Psychic Scott Christiansen

March 3, 2006:  Artistic, Mystic, and Medical Intuition – Guest Francesca McCartney

Jan. 20, 2006:  Lotus Paradise – Interview with Douglas Newsom from Bloginservice

January 13, 2006:  Inner Space – Interview with Psychic Michael Gogger

January 6, 2006:  How to Boost Your Psychic Power


December 30, 2005:  Continuity to the Afterlife

December 23, 2005:  A Red-Ice Chris Mass – Interview with Henrik Palmgren

December 16, 2005:  Zen is our Destiny

December 9, 2005:  Renaissance, Enlightenment, Transcendence

December 2, 2005:  Soul Vibrations

November 25, 2005:  Generation X Spirit Warriors

November 18, 2005:  Creator, Creation, Creativity

November 11, 2005:  Totally Snoedel, with Gea Knapper – SORRY NO RECORDING

November 4, 2005:  Solar System Secrets

October 28, 2005:  4D Dream World Cometh

October 21, 2005:  Transcendence and Awareness with Indian in the Machine

October 14, 2005:  There is no way out but Through

October 7, 2005:  Creative Cosmos Debut